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Donations are the Heart of Habitat for Humanity

Each donation you give to Habitat, regardless of the amount or type, is essential to putting the next family into their new home.

See What Your Donations Can Do!

Donate $5

We can buy two 2x4 wooden studs, a box of finishing nails, or ten bricks

Donate $50

We can buy one ceiling fan,

50 joist hangers,

or 75 hurricane ties

Donate $10

We can buy one door knob, one sheet of OSB Board, or one piece of sheet rock

Donate $100

We can buy one interior door, six crawlspace vents, or a kitchen faucet  

Donate $20

We can buy a bundle of shingles, a gallon of primer, or 50ft of TYVEK home wrap

Join our Carpenter's Club

By donating $40 a month or $480 a year, you and 299 others can build a home!

We are so Thankful for our Carpenter's Club!

HFHConstruction (33 of 22)_edited.jpg

Nailing Partners

David and Amy Allen
Carl Englehart
Shep and Martha Hamrick
Dennis and Ginny Huntley
Kathy Melton
Robert Mori
Joyce Pressley
Rod's Roundup
Steve Talbert

Painting Partners

Donald and Shelby Gettys
Jennifer and Brett Niblack

Finishing Partners

Allison Golf Cars (Stephanie Allison)
Jack and Pam Buchanan

Roofing Partners

Richard and Debbie Hart
Sandy's Country Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Burlington

Foundation Partners

Ready to Donate?

Simply click the button below to set up an online payment or contact us for other options.

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